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Pepper Hydroponic Nutrients - Complete 128gallons

Complete Nutrient Formulation for Sweet and Spicy Peppers during their fruiting stage (use our greens formulation for immature plants) - all in a solid form. Makes 128 gallons of nutrients. Exact formulation included with your package, based on commercial experience growing millions of plants. Works with nearly any leafy green or herb from seedling to full maturity. The only thing you will need to make this nutrient formulation is water, buckets, a measuring cup and a pH adjuster. (We recommend phosphoric acid for a pH down). Package includes two pouches of nutrients and instructions for mixing.
  • Complete Nutrient Formulation for Peppers - Contains all 5 macro nutrients (N,P,K,Mg, Ca) and all 6 micro nutrients perfectly balanced for these types of plants
  • Inexpensive - Includes more than 2#'s to make 128 gallons of nutrients! Do not be fooled by high priced multi-purpose liquids or single-part solid fertilizers - you cannot mix all fertilizers into one compound without problems, which is why our system is two-part.
  • Non Liquid - You are not paying for the handling, packaging, and shipping costs associated with a pre mixed liquid
  • Simple to Use - You literally only need three five-gallon buckets and measuring cup. Very simple to use.
  • Transparent - We tell you EXACTLY what our formulation is. No smoke and mirrors.

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