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Jiffy Peat Pellets (50ct - 42mm)

How it works: -Put the pellets in the planting tray. -Soak the pellets with lukewarm water, pour off any excess water. -Sow seeds or stick cuttings and position the tray in a bright place. -When the seeds are sprouting, turn the cover slightly for air circulation. -When the seeds have sprouted, take the cover off. -Avoid frost. -Gradually expose to the sun. -Never overwater or let them dry out. -Water thoroughly. -Refill water when required. -To protect the sensitive roots, cover the Jiffy 7® completely in the flower bed or flower pot when planting. -Cover with soil.
  • 50 Pack of 42mm Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets
  • Compressed pellets instead of heavy potting soil
  • Made from the renewable raw material Sphagnum peat moss or coco fibers
  • Reliable and fast germination for healthy plants with strong root systems