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Certified Non-GMO Microgreen Seeds - Sweet Lettuce Mix (2oz (40000+seeds))

Certified Non-GMO Microgreen Seeds - Sweet Lettuce Mix (2oz (40000+seeds))

We've been commercially growing microgreens for several years and this mix is one the best performing we have found. It is a delicious mix of sweet lettuce varieties that mature evenly in 14-20 days. Micro greens offer a way to quickly and conveniently heighten plate appeal, enhancing any dish with their contrasting flavors, colors, and textures, as well as high nutritional value.
  • Certified non-GMO Lettuce Mix of Seeds for Microgreens and Sprouting
  • Freckles, Speckles, Red Romaine, Green Romaine, Red Leaf and Tango
  • This is a custom mix to ensure the varieties germinate and grow at approximately the same rate
  • Great for Salads or adding a little class by topping off your entree

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